Monday, October 10, 2005


It has been a refreshing weekend for me. Hope yours were cool too. Today had a meeting with representatives from SCORE on the Yellow Ribbon Project. Looks like there are more exciting times ahead. This afternoon i became a Committee Member at CHEVRON CLUB (Warrant Officers & Specialists Club) situated at Jurong. I need your support eventhough you are not a member of the SAF. Will update you on the details by mid week. Its a club full of activities and i will share them with you along the way. Tomorow i would be taking my Annual Currency Shoot at Nee Soon range. Wish me luck. Hope to be a marksman again.

Please e-mail or sms me if you are attending the Supernumerary Badge Presentation on 29 Oct. (For 2004 Supernumeraries who are CLTs only)

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