Friday, January 29, 2010


Kindly be informed that the a/m briefing will be held on 3 Feb, 1500 hr at NCC Theatrette. Attire is in civilian. To all Associate Members, if you are keen to volunteer kindly drop me an e mail and you can attend the brief too. There are alot of goodies given by the YOG Committee. Looking forward to your strong contribution and prompt attendance.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kindly be reminded that the a/m will be held at HQ NCC on 29 Jan, 1600 hr at NCC theatrette. Attire is no.4 uniform with beret. Kindly be punctual so that we can start on time. It would take about an hour only. Kindly pass this message to those who are attending the selections. Thank you.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Greetings, kindly note that there are 3 announcements listed below. Happy Reading.

To all NCC Associate Members, kindly note that the NCC Associate T-shirt is in progress and the 2nd batch of Appointment Letter would be ready soon. I will inform you when all is ready for collection. If you do not have the NCC workplan, kindly drop me an e mail and i will send you the soft copy.

To all NCC Cadet Officers, kindly note that we are setting up an admin office for you when you conduct any camps or courses. It is situated at Blk 245, level 3 (the former East/West District office). The office will have 2 stand alone computers and printing facilities. I will also be installing about 30 lockers in this office for your usage. These lockers are to be used when you are at HQ conducting a 1-day or non-residential courses. Nothing is to be kept overnight in the lockers.
For camps and courses, you can draw the keys to the Cadet Officers bunks from Logistics Branch. After the course, kindly ensure the bunks are cleaned and all blankets, pillow cases and bedsheet are returned to Logistics Branch. The Course OIC would be responsible and he/she is to return the bunk keys to Logistics Branch after the course or camps. Nothing is to be left in the cupboards. Kindly pass the word around on this new system that will be adopted from now. The Cadet Officers (Ops Room) would be fully operatinal by 22 Feb 2010.

HQ NCC would be setting up a NCC Running Club. We intent to send a least 2 teams to compete in this year's Army Half Marathon. Trainings will commence in late Feb. A high quality branded running attire would be sponsored to the team that would be representing NCC for this year's AHM. If you are interested, kindly drop me an e mail at with the following data: NRIC, Rank/Name, District, School, e mail address, contact number and your age.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

To all Cadet Officers who have volunteered, kindly note that there will be a selection on 29 Jan, 1600 hr at NCC Campus. Attire is no.4 uniform with beret. I have sent you an e mail on the details. Kindly acknowledge by replying to my e mail. Thank you and see you on 29 Jan for the selections.


Saturday, January 02, 2010

Friday, January 01, 2010

2nd NCC Freestyle Exhibition Drill Competition 2010

Greetings, kindly be informed that the 2nd NCC Freestyle Exhibition Drill Competition would be held on the following dates in the morning as follows:

Central District - 26 Feb

East District - 20 Feb

West District - 27 Feb

Sea/Air District - 6 Mar

Grand Finals - 20 Mar

The Admin Instruction complete with the rules and regulations would be sent to the school units by mid Jan.

Wishing all the participating teams, good luck and let's raise the bar higher this year.