Wednesday, October 28, 2009

35th School Band NCO Camp

Greetings, calling all Senior Cadets and Cadet Officers. If you are free from 2 to 6 Nov (next week) I require your kind services to be Drill Instructors for this camp. Refresher Training will be conducted tomorrow at NCC Campus, Blk 245 car park. Attire will be no.4 with beret. Thank you and looking forward to your support. Cheers.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010


1. The Singapore Youth Olympic Games Committee is requesting for 100 volunteers from NCC to participate as Victory Ceremony Flag Bearers. Only NCC Cadet Officers are allowed to apply. Cadet Officers who are on Year 2 JC are prohibited from applying. Applicants must have a minimum height of 1.6m

2. Training sessions have been scheduled to level up your tasks as follows:

1st Briefing Session - 4/12/09 2 hr AM
2nd Briefing Session - 12/01/10 2 hr PM
1st Training Session - 15 to 20 Mar 10 3 hr AM
2nd Training Session - 12 to 17 Apr 10 3 hr AM
Friendship Games - 20 to 30 May 10 3hr PM
Integrated Training - 7 to 19 Jun 10 3 hr AM
Integrated Rehearsals - 2 to 11 Aug 10 3 hr PM
Youth Olympic Games - 14 to 26 Aug 10

3. The selection criteria are as follows:
a. Boys or Girls between 17 to 24 years
b. Able to commit at least 5 continuous day of volunteer hours during the Games time.
c. Ability to commit additional training and on site familiarization before the Games.
d. Confident to appear in public events.

4. Kindly note that you will be scheduled for shift duties during the games.

5. If you are interested and ready to take the challenge kindly submit the following data to me by 22 Nov 09 via my e mail at

a. Rank & Full Name
b. School / District
c. Contact Number (HP only)
d. E mail Address

6. Selections if required will be held on 28 Nov, 0900 hr at NCC Campus.

7. Looking forward to your enthusiastic responses and have a great day.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Design a Uniform for NCC Precision Drill Team

Greetings, calling out to all Cadets who are fashion designers. HQ NCC would like to seek your expertise, views and contribution to come up with a design for our Silent Precison Drill Team. The uniform used will be a signature attire whenever NCC Silent Precision Drill Team performs. If you have any designs to share with me, please drop me an e mail at Looking forward to your feedback and timely contributions.

Friday, October 09, 2009

NCC 55th Officer Cadet Course Graduation Parade

The NCC's 55th Officer Cadets Course Graduation Parade will be held on 10 Nov 09 at 1900 hr at NCC Campus. Drawing of no.1 uniforms will be on 5 & 6 Nov (PM) Rehearsals are scheduled on 9 Nov (PM) and 10 Nov (AM + PM). A selection date will be scheduled for the appointment holders in due course. Applicants must have attended the NCC Advanced Drills Course. The following parade appointment holders are available:

Emcee (male & female Cadet Offr)
Parade RSM (MSG)
Colors RSM (SSG/MSG)
Conducting Specs (1SG/MSG)
NCC Ensign
NCC Land Ensign
NCC Sea Ensign
NCC Air Ensign
Central Ensign
East Ensign
West Ensign
All Ensigns must minimum be a C/2LT except for NCC Ensign must be a C/LTA.
NCC, Land, Sea, Air, Central, East and West Armed Escorts must have a minimum rank of 1SG to participate. If you are interested kindly drop me an e mail with the following details:

Rank / Name:
Contact Number:
E Mail Address:

Looking forward to your participation.