Saturday, February 28, 2009

To all the "Old Guard" of the NCC Cadet Officers, Supernumeraries, the present Cadet Officers and Supernumeraries, Thank You for making the Forum a successful event. I would like to thank everyone for making the Cohesion Night awesome and a memorable event. You people RAWK.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Trainers for NCC Advanced Drills Course (16 to 19 Mar 09)

Greetings, I will be conducting the a/m course from 16 to 19 Mar 09 at NCC Campus. Here are the following appointments available for you to sign up.

1 x Course OIC - C/CPT only
1 x Course 2IC - C/LTA to C/Offr
2 x Course S1 - C/2LT or C/Offr
2 x Course S4 - C/2LT or C/Offr
1 x Course RSM - MSG only
5 x Platoon Commanders - C/LTA only
25 x Section Instructors - C/LTA to C/Offr
5 x Platoon Sergeants - MSG or SSG
10 x S4 Team - MSG to 1SG

Kindly note that you must be a Supernumerary to sign up as a Trainer. If you are interested drop me a mail with the following details:
Rank, Name, District, Contact Number & E mail address.

You will receive a confirmation reply in 2 weeks if your application to sign up is successful. Appreciate if you could pass the word around to all Supernumeraries. To provide quality training , I am looking at Instr / Trainee ratio of 1:10

Looking forward to working with you. Cheers.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Program for Cadet Officers Forum - 27 Feb 09

Program for Cadet Officers Forum on 27 Feb 2009

1500 hr - Arrival of Cadet Officers / Registration

1530 hr - Refreshments served at the Dining Hall

1600 hr - Forum Commences

1605 hr - Opening Address by Commandant NCC

1615 hr - Questions & Answers session

1730 hr - End of Forum

1830 hr - Commencement of C/Offrs and Supernumeraries Cohesion

2200 hr - End of Cohesion

Monday, February 09, 2009

Cadet Officer Forum - 27 Feb 09

To all Cadet Officers, I would sincerely appreciate if you could e-mail to your respective District OIC's or you can e mail me the questions, inquiries or clarifications for the Forum by 16 Feb 09.

This would allow the panel to seek the correct advise and authority before answering to your questions. We hope to enlightened rather than leave you clueless after the Forum.

You are still allowed to raise your adhoc questions during the Forum. I sincerely hope the Forum would benefit you as well as HQ NCC. Please pass the word around on this issue and i look forward to your attendance. You are the vehicle of change in NCC and this would be a good platform to voice your concerns and have a chat with our new Commandant.