Sunday, April 30, 2006

After visiting Kusu island for the first time, i wondered whether i am related to the founder of that island who is DOM JOSE DE SILVA. If only it was mine, i would name it Supernumerary Haven.
This is the cruise ship we took to Kusu island. The whole ship was ours to enjoy. It was a cool leisure ride that all the HQ NCC staff enjoyed.
Greetings, after the Affirmation Ceremony, i have been busy with other work followed by the 51st CLT Course Graduation Ceremony. Hope to post some of the pics in the next few days. That was followed by taking my Kayaking 1 star course that i was certified on 25 Apr 06. Been busy trying to co-ord the program for NCC Spec's Course and NDP admin.

On the 28 April celebrated HQ NCC 37th Aniiversary cum Family Day with a cruise to KUSU island. Played games on the ship, visited Kusu island, had lunch on the ship and finally celebrated the birthdays of those in the month of Feb, Mar and Apr. Had a good time. Its now time for HQ to re-energise during your exams period to meet the challenges in June.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Greetings to All Supernumeraries,

The exams are just around the corner and i believe that all of you are hitting the books with determination and focus to do well. I'm wishing all of you the best in your exams and remember to learn hard as well as you play hard. These are the activities forecasted for the month of May 2006:

22 May
Sea 25m Range, West Train Fire, Central Mt Ophir Trg

23 May
East 25m Range
Sea Train Fire
West Mt Ophir Trg

24 May
Central/East/Air IMT
West 25m Range
Central Train Fire
East Mt Ophir Trg

25 May
Sea/West IMT
Central Range
East Train Fire
Sea/Air Mt. Ophir Trg

26 May
East Range
Air Train Fire
Airborne Selection

29 May
Central Spec Course 1
West Range

30 May
Central Spec Course 1
East Range

31 May
Central Spec Course 1
East Spec Course 1

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Here we have Blue Shades in Action. They put on a power packed performance that rocked the audience. You just had to be there to feel the electricity of the fine performance thru your veins.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Our Young Stars playing the Herald Trumpets. You have to be there to experience the electrifying atmosphere at Ngee Ann Polytechnic Convention Hall 4.
SWISS WINDS SERENADE 2006. The Command Band of NCC. If you were not there, here are some pictures for your viewing. It was a blast. Outstanding. Splendid and i was there.
What a way to end the Appreciation Ceremony with good delicious food for early lunch with a bunch of cool guys and gals that makes NCC rawks.

Here is Commandant NCC presenting the Certificate of Appreciation to the Chairperson of the Awards and Ceremony for a job well done during the Affirmation Ceremony 2006.

Me and my Awards & Ceremony Committee getting ready for the Certificate of Appreciation Ceremony held at HQ NCC Campus on 8 April 2006 in the morning. Good Job Mates!!!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

DATE: 9 Apr 2006

TIME: 4.30 pm


Be there to support them as they are the Command Band of NCC

10 Apr
- 51st CLT Course commences
- Sea Dist live range
- East IMT
11 Apr
- East live range
- Central/Air IMT
- West Mt Ophir Trg
12 Apr
- East Range
- West T/F
15 Apr
- NDP rehearsal at NCC campus
17 Apr
- East C/F
18 Apr
- East C/F
- West IMT
- Sea T/F
20 Apr
- East IMT
- West live firing
- 51st CLT course cert presentation/promotions cert presentation
21 Apr
- Central IMT
- 51st CLT course Graduation Ceremony
22 Apr
- NDP rehearsal at NCC Campus
28 Apr
- HQ NCC Family Day
29 Apr
- NDP rehearsal at Nee Soon Camp

Thursday, April 06, 2006

NDP 2006

I am looking for 1 female cadet with the minimum rank of SSG to be a Trainer for NCC NDP marching contingent. Rehearsal commences next Saturday, 15 Apr, 0900 hr at NCC Campus. If you are interested drop me a mail with your particulars.


I am looking for 1 cadet each from the Land, Sea and Air for the a/m event as armed escorts. Minimum rank is SSG and must be at least 1.65m If you are interested kindly drop me a mail with your particulars.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

NDP 2006
NCC would be providing a marching contingent for this year's parade that would be held at the National Stadium for the last time. It would be a historic moment for all participants and Trainers. I am looking for 5 male and 3 female Trainers to assist me on shaping the contingent. The 3 criteria for Trainers are as follows:

1. Min rank of SSG and must be a Supernumerary
2. Training commences next Saturday, (15/4) onwards, every Saturday until 9 Aug. You need to be committed to the training dates.
3. Excellent conduct, bearing and turnout.

If you are interested and is committed to the national cause and willing to serve NCC with pride and dedication, kindly drop me a mail by 10 April 2006. Successful candidates would be notified through a phone call and e mail.

The 51st CLT Graduation Ceremony is on 21 April 2006. I am looking for
1 x CLT from the Land, Sea and Air each. Your height must be a minimum of 1.7m.

Rehearsals for the Flag Party will be on the 21 April 06, 0830 to 1700 hr. Lunch and Dinner would be provided. Attire for the ceremony is no. 1 uniform. Rehearsals would be conducted at NCC MPH.

Kindly drop me a mail by 9 Apr if you are interested.


Monday, April 03, 2006

The JROTC trip (USA) is from 9 to 20 June. The Brunei trip is from 13 to 20 June. This is the last call for all applicants. If you are interested kindly inform your respective District Commanders. The interview is this Saturday at NCC Council Room, 0830 hr. Be at your best turn out if you are attending the interview. Best of luck.

SYFOC 2006
I am looking for 1 x Air Female CLT, 1 x Sea Male and Female CLT to take up the post of Supporting Contingent Commander and Contingent 2IC for NCC contingent for SYFOC 2006. Drop me a mail if you are interested.