Tuesday, April 04, 2006

NDP 2006
NCC would be providing a marching contingent for this year's parade that would be held at the National Stadium for the last time. It would be a historic moment for all participants and Trainers. I am looking for 5 male and 3 female Trainers to assist me on shaping the contingent. The 3 criteria for Trainers are as follows:

1. Min rank of SSG and must be a Supernumerary
2. Training commences next Saturday, (15/4) onwards, every Saturday until 9 Aug. You need to be committed to the training dates.
3. Excellent conduct, bearing and turnout.

If you are interested and is committed to the national cause and willing to serve NCC with pride and dedication, kindly drop me a mail by 10 April 2006. Successful candidates would be notified through a phone call and e mail.


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