Thursday, August 30, 2012

Drill Sequence

Cadets, below is a guide on how you should prepare for your drill mutual.


1.      Form the squad for drill

2.      Introduce the drill lesson

3.      Aim and Objective of the lesson

4.      English and Malay word of command

5.      Show a complete demonstration without explanation

6.      Show a complete demonstration in stages without explanation

7.      Show a complete demo on the first stage with explanation

8.      Let them practice, observe their mistakes

9.      Gather them and explain the common mistakes to the squad

10.    Practice them on the 1st stage, once ok, proceed to next stage.

11.    Once all stages completed, combine all stages for practice.

12.    The squad will execute the movement on your command & regulation pause.

13.    Once good, the squad would execute the movement by calling the regulation pause.

14.    Highlight the common mistakes made.

15.    Conclude by demonstrating to them the next drill lesson movement without explaining