Friday, July 31, 2009


Calling all NCC cadets, old and new, come and support our marching contingent when we commence our city march from 1935 hr onwards. We will be taking the following route for the city march as follows:

1. Raffles Ave
2. Esplanade Dr
3. Fullerton Rd
4. Connaught Dr
5. Raffles Ave
6. F1 paddock (beside Spore Flyer)

Come and cheer them on as we lead with pride and dedication representing the Corps. Your strong support rallying them to march with gusto will be much appreciated. To all NCC cadets young and old present and past, i hope to see you there. Please pass the word around.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Kindly be informed that our NCC Band (Swiss Winds) will be performing at Istana National Day Open House on this Sunday 2nd August 2009 from 1100 to 1145 hours. Come down and support them. Bring your family along and chill out to the exciting tunes of Swiss Winds, the Command Band of the National Cadet Corps.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Your Pledge to Singapore

Dear All,

As a show of support for the NDP organisers, i kindly encourage you to log on to: to sign in your pledge of support for the nation. Some of the reflection questions are:

1. What does the Pledge mean to me?
2. I am proud to be a Singaporean because .......
3. My dream for Singapore is .....

Please send it to all your friends especially to your Cadet Officer and Cadet friends to participate and share their reflections, photos or videos in this website. Remember to sign off as NCC, the premier CCA in Singapore.

For the Nation

Thursday, July 23, 2009

ANNOUNCEMENTS - Army Half Marathon

Calling to all NCC Teachers, Cadet Officers and Cadets. Are you interested to represent NCC for the Army Half Marathon (21 km) run that will take place on 16 Aug 09. HQ NCC will sponsor a running attire for your participation. Interested participants must have at least completed a 16 km run training on their own. Kindly submit your details as follows:
NRIC NO:, Full Name, Age, Date of Birth, Address, Contact number, Singlet and shorts size and e mail address to my e mail at

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Announcement 1
The suspension on CCA activities has been lifted. NCC will resume all activities indicated on the NCC workplan from 1 Aug onwards.

Announcement 2
To all ex-Cadet Officers and Cadet Senior Specialist. You can now join NCC as a Associate Member. If you are interested kindly drop me an e mail at and i will send you the instruction and application form.

Thursday, July 02, 2009


Kindly be informed that NCC Day Parade for this year has been cancelled due to obvious reasons. The H1N1 flu. We need to contain and control the situation hence the need to cancel this year's celebrations. All activities at NCC has been suspended until 1 Sep 09. For your kind information. Please pass this vital message to all our Cadets in the Corps.