Monday, November 30, 2009


Kindly be informed that NCC cadets attending the Basic Diving Course, it is a modified course catered for NCC cadets only. The badge is only valid at NCC. It is not valid in the SAF as it is a modified course. For your kind info. I hope this info settles once and for all about this issue.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Colors Party for NCC 58th Cadet Officer Course Graduation Parade

Greetings, the 58th Cadet Officer Course Graduation Parade will be held on 11 Dec 2009 at NCC Campus. Selections will be on 4 Dec, 1600 hr at Blk 245 car park. Rehearsals will be on 10 Dec (PM) and 11 Dec (AM + PM). Listed below are the available appointments:

Parade RSM
Colors RSM
Conducting Spec 1
Conduting Specs 2
NCC Ensign
NCC Land Ensign
NCC Sea Ensign
NCC Air Ensign
Central Ensign
East Ensign
West Ensign
NCC Armed Escort
Land Armed Escort
Sea Armed Escort
Air Armed Escort
Central Armed Escort
East Armed Escort
West Armed Escort

If you are interested, kindly drop me an email by 1 Dec with the following details and the appointment you are applying for:

Rank & Name
Dist & School
Contact Number
E Mail Address

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Greetings, the NCC Dining In will be held on 2 Dec 09 at Pasir Laba Camp, Leaders Hall. Rehearsals for the Flag Party will be conducted on 1 Dec 09 (PM) and on 2 Dec 09 (AM + PM) I am requesting for volunteers to carry the NCC, NCC Land, NCC Sea and NCC Air Colors. I also need 6 Armed Escorts and a Colors RSM. If you are interested kindly drop me an e mail with the following details by 21 Nov 2009:

Contact Number:
E Mail Address:
The appt you are applying for:

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Conference of Asean Federation of Engineering Organization 2009

Greetings, HQ NCC requires 13 x Female Cadet Officers or Senior Cadets to be Flag Bearers for this event that will be held on 2 Dec 09, 0730 hr at Suntec Convention Hall.

You will be dressed in no.1 uniform for this event.

Rehearsals are as follows:

14 Nov, 0900 to 1130 hr at NCC Campus

17 Nov, evening at Suntec Convention Hall

If you are interested kindly drop me an e mail with the following data by 12 Nov 09:


Rank & Name

District & School Name

Contact Number

E Mail Address

Looking forward to your strong support.