Friday, September 30, 2005

And here are my 2 boys that are still doing their studies. They are still girlfriendless!!! So which of them is more handsome?

This are my kids, my 3 boys and my only Princess.

My life is spent at work and family. Half of my time is spent at work, 1/4 with the family and another quarter sleeping. Here is a picture of me and my wife.
Last night had a farewell dinner for 1WO Roslan at AMK Seoul Garden.
Had lots to eat until all our stomachs were bloated. This morning had
a morning run and my legs were in conflict with my heavy stomach and i
only ended up running half the distance. This is probably due to AHM
withdrawal syndrome. What a quiet month. The calm before the storm i guess.
Next year would be an exciting year. It will be a year full of activities.
How busy are we? Specialists Course will now only have Phase 1 & 2 while the
Senior Spec Cse would be conducted in Sep holidays. More to come and if you
want to hear it all, attend the workplan seminar at Air Force Sch on 4 Nov 2005, 1430 hr.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Here are the answers to your questions.
1. Supernumerary Training is an achievement.
2. S/CLT is not given priority but stands a
better chance on application.
3. Nexy year maybe there would only be one
CLT Course in Dec 06
4. Yes, just fill up the application form on
NCC website to where you would like to go with
all the necessary data filled up.
I hope i managed to answer all your questions.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

To end our day's relaxation all of HQ birthday boys & girls for the month of Aug & Sep celebrated their birthdays after having our delicious Nasi Brayni for lunch.

We also took the opportunity to thank 1WO Roslan for his services rendered to HQ NCC. He is now working at Tekong as the CCO RSM. HQ wishes him all the best to his new job.

This is Miss Chew a new addition to HQ NCC staff that would be working at Logistics Centre. We`all gave her a rousing welcome.

And here we go off for the run. Guess what during the run we met the President of S'pore who was taking his daily walk. We are so lucky!!

Greetings, today HQ had our unit cohesion at East Coast Park. Had to take a break before we commence our high tempo in Nov & Dec. Warming up for the run. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 26, 2005

My weekend was blissful until last night my car met with an accident. Sent my car for assessment and it costs about $3000. Luckily for me i had the right of way and the other guy has to fork out the costs. Now at least i got some peace of mind.
This afternoon, HQ had a meeting on next year's National Camp. Its going to be very, very big and grand. I hope all of you would be part of it next year. Till my next update.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Today HQ NCC hosted kids from Grace Haven as a Community Project. Here is a photo taken by me of our HQ staff, their teachers and the kids. It gives me great satisfaction to bring some sunshine into their lives. Have a good weekend and for those on exams, all the best. Cheers. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 22, 2005


I'm now back with renewed vigor as my head is crystal clear. Kindly note that the overseas trips that i published yesterday is opened to all including Cadets except for the Glider Course. 2004 CLT Supernumeraries kindly note that the Supernumerary Badge is ready for presentation. I'm planning the Badge Presentation Ceremony to be held sometime at the last week of Oct. Any suggestions on the date and time? It has been raining lately, so take care and keep yourself warm and cosy at all times. Cheers.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


To all the well wishers, my sincere thanks as i have found Billy. Your prayers sent an angel to me and this lady gave me some tips on looking for my "Lion King" and i found him. Once again, thank you for sending that angel to me.

Listed below are the overseas trips for Nov & Dec this year. Interested? Pls contact your District Commanders or CSO's on the trips you would like to apply.

15 to 26 Oct = India Naval Camp
5 to 10 Nov = Visit to Australia
16 to 24 Nov = Service Learning (India)
16 to 25 Nov = Visit to Thailand
16 to 25 Nov = Visit to Taiwan
17 to 28 Nov = Desert Trekking (India)
01 to 11 Dec = Visit ti Pearce Airbase (Australia)
01 to 24 Dec = Glider Course (India)

Wishing you the best of luck on your application.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

This is Betty Boob, Billy's kid sister. Thank God i found her yesterday. My sincere thanks for ur prayers and comforting words. I will be sending her for counselling !!!! Posted by Picasa

This is Billy Bob, my "Lion King" that is 9 months old and still missing. To all Easterners if you happen to spot him, kindly call me. Thanks. Posted by Picasa
To update you on my cat problem. Only Betty Boob is back. I'm still searching high and low for Billy Bob. Guess what i'm only half happy as i really miss my "Lion King' Updates for all of you:
1. In Oct 05, all Thursdays and Fridays would be set aside for any Land CLTs and Cadets who wishes to attain the 1 star kayaking course. Interested, kindly contact your District CSO or TCO's.

2. The white water rafting trip to Perak would be on 2 frames. 1st frame 7 to 9 Nov and the 2nd frame 10 to 12 Nov. Interested? Contact your CSO's now for a booking!

3. By end of this week, i would send you the dates for the Nov and Dec overseas trips. There are lots of them lined up for deserving Clts and Cadets.

4. Supernumerary make up lessons would be scheduled at the last week of Oct and Nov 05. Will post the exact dates when it is finally firm up.

5. Cheers to all. Stay focus on your studies and May the Force be with you.

Winners with the GOH Posted by Picasa

All eyes in anticipation for the results. Posted by Picasa

And the girls team. Look its Stephanie Mary from the NDP marching contingent at the extreme left. Cheers Posted by Picasa

NCC Orienteering Competition 2005 Posted by Picasa

My sincere apologies for not putting up some info today as my brain is overloaded. In the morning had our usual staff meeting and in the afternoon hosted NUS High Principal and staff for a visit to HQ NCC. I'm just feeling down at the moment as my 2 persian cats, Billy Bob and Betty Boob is missing. They went AWOL over the weekend. Today is Day 2 looking for them. Will update my blog on the latest news on NCC and the Orienteering Competition tomorrow. I hope and pray my lovely cats would be back home......

Friday, September 16, 2005

Hooray! Tomorrow i'm on day off. At last some rest after 2 wks of hectic work. Today's training we discussed on some leadership issues and informal punishment for Cadets. Posted by Picasa

Look CLTs and Cadet Senior Specs in the midst of discussion during our Supernumerary Training. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Swiss Winds Cadets on Supernumerary Rifle Drill Training. Cheers to these musicians that are in their no.3 uniforms. Posted by Picasa

Supernumeraries on rifle drill training today at HQ. Posted by Picasa

This is me ready for my weekly run. Stay healthy and keep fit Cadets! Posted by Picasa

This is my precious cat named Billy Bob. Look at him, is'nt he handsome. Posted by Picasa
Greetings, i hope those who were at the AHM last Sunday, enjoyed your run.

Ex Wallaby / Australian Cadet Exchange Program
Date: 1 to 10 Nov 05
Interested CLTs or Cadets are to submit their application forms obtainable at your District Office by 27 Sep 05. Shortlisted applicants would be interviewed on 6 Oct 05, 1530 hr at NCC Council Room. Best of luck in your application.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Announcement 1
There is a visit to Signals Camp on 14 Sep 05 (Wed)
Assemble at NCC Campus lower parade square at 1400 hr.
Attire no. 3 or 4 uniform with head dress.
You would be visiting an exhibition on IKC2 and SAF's
transformation. It would be an eye opener for all.
Just give your District CSO a call if interested.

Announcement 2
CLTs, i sincerely need your help for this Saturday's event that is the Orienteering Comp.I need 6 x CLTs to assist me as Safety Officer. Any volunteers pls call me. Counting on your help. Will provide you the details when you call or sms me. My sincere thanks.


Sunday, September 11, 2005

Hello, Supernumeraries Posted by Picasa
Today is the last day of Specialists Course for West District. Wow.. its been a tiring week and tomorrow must run the Army Half marathon. This morning we conducted a Appreciation Ceremony for those participated in this year's NDP. Later, in the afternoon would be West Spec Course POP. Finally... some rest but tomorrow must run you know...

Visit to OCS Commissioning Parade (1 Oct 05)

Date: 1 Oct 2005
Time: 1530 hr
Attire: No.3 with head dress
Venue: Jurong Point Shopping Centre (outside EROS boutique)next to Boon Lay MRT
Ferry provided to SAFTI MI
Interested Cadets & CLTs are to submit your names to your District CSO.

Finally, wishing all of you a Happy weekend. Pls pass the word around about my blog address to Supernumeraries only. Hope to keep you current and updated about HQ's activities on this blog. Cheers.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Greetings to all my visitors. It has been a hectic 3 days as I am running 3 x Spec Course at the moment with West District Spec Course commencing today. To all my Supernumeraries, i am sincerely grateful for your kind support for the past 2 years and i promise you that i will bring the Supernumeraries to greater heights.

Please do not entertain, reply, argue or debate to the person that is spoiling my tag board and our reputation. I thank you for making my tag board lively. You are truly a "gifted" child but too bad you were born without balls. We are not going to fall for your tricks on attention seeking, my sick and demented friend. We, Supernumeraries will always stay united and face any adversity in the face, unlike you. Thank you for trying your level best to disunite us, please try much, much harder.

HQ NCC is organising an Artillery Visit at Khatib Camp. If you are interested kindly sign up with your respective District CSO's. The details are as follows:

Date: 9 Sept 2005
Time: 1330 hr
Venue: Khatib Camp
Duration: 1330 - 1700 hr
Attire: No. 3 or 4 with head dress

Nomination for CLT Club Organising Committee
CLTs who are interested to be part of the CLT Club Organising Committee kindly submit your names via e-mail to me by 10 Sep 05. We are sincerely looking forward to kick start YOUR club. I will be the Operations Manager of your Club and will assist you to my fullest in fulfilling your desired outcome of the CLT Club. I need dedicated volunteers who have the vision, time and commitment to bring the CLT Club to a reality. The ball is now in your court. Lets together make this Club, a place to be proud of.


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Its been a tiring weekend as HQ is running the Sea Dist Spec Course over the last weekend. I've got 2 announcements to make that is:

I need 6 x CLTs as volunteers for the 17 Sep 05, Orienteering Competition. Your role will be as Safety Officers during the Competition. If you are interested please, sms or drop me a mail by 12 Sep.

For those of you who are interested in Cutter Training (something like Dragon Boat)you can submit your names to Mdm Esther at 64843026. The orientation training is on 10 Sep 05, from 0800-1200 hr at Changi Sea Training Centre. Meeting point at Tanah Merah MRT at 0730 hr. From there a ferry service would transport you to CSTC. Happy rowing. Worth the try.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Kindly note the amendments of the Supernumerary Training Schedule Dates:

14 Sep, 1500 hr - Rifle Drill

15 Sep, 1500 hr - Leadership Training

28 Oct, 1500 hr - Sword Drill

1 Dec, 1500 hr - Colors Drill

2 Dec, 1700 hr - Appreciation Ceremony
Image hosted by
The lady in orange assisted me in posting this picture of me and my niece from Australia.

For those who have missed some lessons and are not eligible for the Lanyard presentation, do not worry. I would be pleased to conduct make up lessons on the 5 & 6 Sep 05 so that you can receive your lanyard on 6 Sep, 1730 hr. CLTs who missed the lessons are also invited to join if you are free.

5 Sep, 1400-1730 hr
Make up lesson 1 to 4

6 Sep, 1400-1700 hr
Make up lesson 5 to 7

If you are interested please sms me with your name and district at 96831027. I need at least 5 or more participants before i can conduct to make the lessons more productive. Your sms must reach by 1000 hr tomorrow.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Activities until weekending 11 Sep 05

Spec Courses
Sea Spec 3 to 4 Sep
Central Spec 5 to 8 Sep
East Spec 6 to 9 Sep
West Spec 7 to 10 Sep

Mt Ophir Expedition
Air District 4 Sep
East District 5 Sep
West District 6 Sep

Supernumerary Lanyard Presentation
6 Sep 05, 1730 hr at NCC theatrette

NDP Appreciation Ceremony
10 Sep 05, 0900 hr at NCC MPH

Army Half Marathon
11 Sep 05, 0600 hr (21km) 0800 hr (12 & 6 km)
Meeting Point - in front of Esplanade Theatre

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Wow... i've got a tagboard now. Thanks to the Lady in Pink. By Monday this blog would be full of info on NCC, my personal feelings and thoughts for the Day. Looking forward to be operational in 48 hrs.

Thursday, September 01, 2005