Wednesday, September 21, 2005


To all the well wishers, my sincere thanks as i have found Billy. Your prayers sent an angel to me and this lady gave me some tips on looking for my "Lion King" and i found him. Once again, thank you for sending that angel to me.

Listed below are the overseas trips for Nov & Dec this year. Interested? Pls contact your District Commanders or CSO's on the trips you would like to apply.

15 to 26 Oct = India Naval Camp
5 to 10 Nov = Visit to Australia
16 to 24 Nov = Service Learning (India)
16 to 25 Nov = Visit to Thailand
16 to 25 Nov = Visit to Taiwan
17 to 28 Nov = Desert Trekking (India)
01 to 11 Dec = Visit ti Pearce Airbase (Australia)
01 to 24 Dec = Glider Course (India)

Wishing you the best of luck on your application.

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