Thursday, September 08, 2005

Greetings to all my visitors. It has been a hectic 3 days as I am running 3 x Spec Course at the moment with West District Spec Course commencing today. To all my Supernumeraries, i am sincerely grateful for your kind support for the past 2 years and i promise you that i will bring the Supernumeraries to greater heights.

Please do not entertain, reply, argue or debate to the person that is spoiling my tag board and our reputation. I thank you for making my tag board lively. You are truly a "gifted" child but too bad you were born without balls. We are not going to fall for your tricks on attention seeking, my sick and demented friend. We, Supernumeraries will always stay united and face any adversity in the face, unlike you. Thank you for trying your level best to disunite us, please try much, much harder.

HQ NCC is organising an Artillery Visit at Khatib Camp. If you are interested kindly sign up with your respective District CSO's. The details are as follows:

Date: 9 Sept 2005
Time: 1330 hr
Venue: Khatib Camp
Duration: 1330 - 1700 hr
Attire: No. 3 or 4 with head dress

Nomination for CLT Club Organising Committee
CLTs who are interested to be part of the CLT Club Organising Committee kindly submit your names via e-mail to me by 10 Sep 05. We are sincerely looking forward to kick start YOUR club. I will be the Operations Manager of your Club and will assist you to my fullest in fulfilling your desired outcome of the CLT Club. I need dedicated volunteers who have the vision, time and commitment to bring the CLT Club to a reality. The ball is now in your court. Lets together make this Club, a place to be proud of.


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