Saturday, February 21, 2009

Trainers for NCC Advanced Drills Course (16 to 19 Mar 09)

Greetings, I will be conducting the a/m course from 16 to 19 Mar 09 at NCC Campus. Here are the following appointments available for you to sign up.

1 x Course OIC - C/CPT only
1 x Course 2IC - C/LTA to C/Offr
2 x Course S1 - C/2LT or C/Offr
2 x Course S4 - C/2LT or C/Offr
1 x Course RSM - MSG only
5 x Platoon Commanders - C/LTA only
25 x Section Instructors - C/LTA to C/Offr
5 x Platoon Sergeants - MSG or SSG
10 x S4 Team - MSG to 1SG

Kindly note that you must be a Supernumerary to sign up as a Trainer. If you are interested drop me a mail with the following details:
Rank, Name, District, Contact Number & E mail address.

You will receive a confirmation reply in 2 weeks if your application to sign up is successful. Appreciate if you could pass the word around to all Supernumeraries. To provide quality training , I am looking at Instr / Trainee ratio of 1:10

Looking forward to working with you. Cheers.

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