Monday, October 17, 2005


I had a long good break over the weekend. Today, the whole day was spent on planning the activities for next year's workplan. Next year is exciting yet challenging for NCC.

2004 CLTs that would be receiving the Supernumerary badge on 29 Oct, kindly let me know on your attendance, please.

1. Kindly note that there is a SISPEC Camp from 27 to 29 Oct. Any takers? CLTs and Cadets are elgible to attend the Camp. Interested, kindly drop me a mail and i will send you the details.
2. For the India Glider Course, Land and Sea CLTs can also apply but priority would be given to Air CLTs.
3. HQ NCC needs your help on designing a badge. It would be called the CDF-NCC Badge. Every year about 4-5 CLTS and cadets only would receive it. It would be the highest badge awarded to a NCC Cadet. The badge must depict tri-service, laurels and 4 stars that is the office rank of the CDF. Appreciate if you could recommend someone who is good at this. Stay cool and out of trouble. May the Force be with you...........

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