Saturday, January 12, 2013

Announcement 2


It's my pleasure to inform you that with effect from this year, the Civilian War Memorial Service that is annually conducted on 15 Feb (Total Defence Day) the Honor Guards will be provided from members of the National Cadet Corps. Last year, in Feb, NCC provided Cadet Officers as Honor Guards for the 70th Anniversary, Fall of Singapore at the Kranji War Memorial service. Veterans from the Commonwealth and Asean countries attended the service and were impressed with our Cadet Officers performance.

The Honor Guards were normally selected from the NCC staff (SAF Specialists) to perform these duties. I feel the time is right to allow our Cadet Officers to take on such roles and I am confident they will do a great job.

I am looking for 8 x Cadet Officers to be the Honor Guards for this year's Civilian War Memorial Service that will take place on 15 Feb, 0900 hr at the Cenotaph, Beach Rd.

There will be an on site rehearsal on 8 Feb, 0900 hr

Internal rehearsals will be conducted at NCC Campus during the 1st week of Feb.

You must be a Cadet Officer with a minimum height of 1.75m to apply.

If you are interested drop me an e mail by 16 Jan at with the following details:

Rank & Full Name:
Contact Number:
E mail Address:

Looking forward to your awesome participation.

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