Monday, May 23, 2011

NCC 110 ROAD RELAY - 23 June 2011


Ladies & Gentlemen,

1. HQ NCC will be organising a NCC 110 road relay on 23 June 2011 from approximately 0730 to 1800 hr.

2. I need the support of the NCC Associate Members, NCC Running Club and the Cadet Officers to cover the route from the 4 cluster end points to NCC Campus.

4. This event is in a month's time. I hope you can garner support from your various groups and submit your names with the following data to me ( by 3 June:

Rank & Name:
Contact No:
E Mail Address:

5. The leg of your run will probably be in the late morning or afternoon. Once i have the list of runners, I will group you accordingly and inform you the approx time of your run.

6. All will meet at NCC campus in the afternoon about 1330 hr unless you are running in the morning. A bus will despatch you to your running location and pick you up after the run and return you to NCC Campus for the post relay run activities.

7. The more runners the merrier as this run is done during the day to attract the media and public attention as we celebrate NCC's 110th Anniversary.

8. I hope the Legends, NCC Running Club members and the young Cadet Officers will bask in this celebration as its YOU who make what NCC is today.

9. Looking forward to your excellent support.

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