Thursday, February 24, 2011


Greetings, the pre course brief for the 60th NCC Cadet Officer Modular Course is scheduled on 19 Mar, 0900 hr at NCC theatrette. A detailed briefing of the modular course will be conducted that morning.

I am urging all Cadets who aspire to be a Leader to subscribe to this modular course that would not be so taxing to impede your studies. Phase 1 of the course will be conducted from 4 to 8 Apr (5 days only) I staked my reputation for this course to be conducted in Apr and i hope the numbers will roll in quickly.

For Cadets who have submitted their forms, kindly contact your CSO to reactivate the submission. For Cadets who have not, i hope you will step up and be counted to join this course as we have made a major adjustment to accommodate your studies.

If you have any enquiries, call your District Commander or CSO to find out how to apply and submit your course registration forms.

I hope 40 or more Cadets will subscribe to this modular course. You can still assist NCC HQ as you will be awarded the NCC Associate Membership status in the interim period till you graduate at the end of the year with the 61st batch.

I am looking forward to your strong support and always remember that NCC Cadet Officers "are the vehicles of change" as you can only bring NCC to greater heights.

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