Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Parade Appointment Holders Selections for Chairman NCC Farewell Parade


A major parade will be held on 15 Jan 2011 at NCC Campus for Chairman NCC Farewell Parade. He has served NCC for 23 years and we want to give him a resounding farewell with a grand parade. Rehearsals will be on 7 Jan (PM), 8 Jan (AM) and on 15 Jan from 0900 hr till the actual parade on the same day at 1900 hr. I am conducting selections on 5 Jan, 1600 to 1730 hr at NCC Campus, parade square. Attire is no.4 uniform with beret. Below are the appointments for the parade. If you are interested kindly drop me an e mail at with the following data:

Rank & Name, District, School Name, Contact Number, E mail Address and the appointment you are applying for. Incomplete data will not be entertained. The list of parade appointments are listed below:

1. Parade Commander C/CPT

2. Parade 2IC C/LTA

3. NCC Ensign C/LTA

4. Land Ensign C/LTA

5. Sea Ensign C/LTA

6. Air Ensign C/LTA

7. Central Ensign C/2LT

8. East Ensign C/2LT

9. West Ensign C/2LT

10. GOH Land CC C/LTA

11. GOH Land C2IC C/LTA or C/2LT

12. GOH Sea CC C/LTA

13. GOH Sea C2IC C/LTA or C/2LT

14. GOH Air CC C/LTA

15. GOH Air C2IC C/LTA or C/2LT

16. Parade RSM MSG

17. Colors RSM MSG or SSG

18. Conducting. Specs 1 SSG or 1SG

19. Conducting. Specs 2 SSG or 1SG

20. NCC Escort SSG or 1SG

21. Land Escort SSG or 1SG

22. Sea Escort SSG or 1SG

23. Air Escort SSG or 1SG

24. Central Escort 1SG or 2SG

25. East Escort 1SG or 2SG

26. West Escort 1SG or 2SG

27. Vehicle Commander C/CPT

28. Supp Cont Cen Comdr 2LT

29. Supp Cont Cen 2IC C/OFFR

30. Supp Cont East Comdr 2LT

31. Supp Cont East 2IC C/OFFR

32. Supp Cont West Comdr 2LT

33. Supp Cont West 2IC C/OFFR

34. Supp Cont Sea Comdr 2LT

35. Supp Cont Sea 2IC C/OFFR

36. Supp Cont Girls Comdr 2LT

37. Supp Cont Girls 2IC C/OFFR

38. Supp Cont Air Comdr 2LT

39. Supp Cont Air 2IC C/OFFR

40. SCH FLAGS Comdr C/LTA or C/2LT


All submissions are to reach me by 3 Jan 2011 by 1730 hr.

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