Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Kindly be informed that the Senior Specs Course will be conducted from 3 to 9 Sep 2010.

Central & UG is from 3 Sep, 1400 to 5 Sep, 1730 hr

West / Sea is from 5 Sep, 0800 hr to 7 Sep, 1200 hr

East / Air is from 7 Sep, 1330 hr to 9 Sep, 1730 hr

For each course, I need a minimum of 36 Cadet Officers. (1 trainer to 10 cadets ratio)

For Specs Trainers i need 1 x RSM, 2 X CSM and 6 x Platoon Sgt for each course

I will be conducting a refresher for all Trainers on the last week of Aug to ensure the standardisation of the drills taught.

The date and time wil be made known later.

If you are interested kindly sign up with your District Cadet Officer OIC with the following data:

Rank & Name, District, School, Contact number & E mail address

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