Thursday, December 15, 2005

1. Firstly, i would like to announce that tomorrow is my last working day of 2005. It has been a challenging, tiring but most of all a rewarding year. Next year, there would be new challenges and higher heights to scale as we celebrate our 105th Anniversary.

2. Kindly note that with effect from 2 weeks ago, paying of compliments to Warrant Officers has slightly changed. Now all Warrant Officers who are not holding the appointment of RSM would be addressed as "Encik" while RSM's would be addressed as Sergeant Major.

3. For NCC School units USM would now be addressed as Sergeant Major while the rest would be addressed by their respective rank.

4. Kindly share this info to all your school unit Cadets and if your Teacher has any doubt kindly get them to call me.

5. Sometime next week, I will send to all of you notes from the Desk of RSM NCC to share with you my observations, feelings and comments on the last six months of this year and the direction HQ NCC would be taking for next year.

6. Have a good weekend and God Bless your souls with love, prosperity and happiness.


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